What is the Modern Retro Lifestyle?


The Modern Retro Lifestyle is the ability to enjoy our modern conveniences that we have learned to rely upon every day but also have the ability to disconnect when need be.



Not just disconnect, but also find contentment in the state of relaxing. A bit of a throwback to a time before the immediate gratification and instant entertainment that we find with our ‘On demand’, ‘Live Feeds’, streaming news, texting, emailing, and phone calls. There’s a time for that, but non stop, 24/7 is too much and overkill. Just cause you can, doesn’t mean you should.


The Retro element is key.



The body and mind need a break. It’s the lost art of decompressing, taking a ‘time out’, smelling the roses, enjoying some quiet time. We get so wrapped up in our day to day responsibilities and commitments, that we forget to carve out time for ourselves. The end result is a self de-valuing, unhappy, unfulfilled, always tired and incomplete being that isn’t quite our best.

The concept is to be able to insert some ‘downtime’ into each and every day. A space of time(varied) that you can sit down and collect your thoughts, focus on life’s beauties or just zone out. The key is to be able to mentally step away from your ‘everyday’ and refocus/regroup. 


Almost like a daily micro-vacation. 


When we take a vacation, one of the the 1st things we do is put our feet up and say, “Yea, I needed this”. Well you do and even a couple minutes a day of forced downtime can really make a difference. 


Much like exercise is to your physical being, these are good habits for your mental being. 



* How do I Achieve the Modern Retro Lifestyle?