Modern Retro Lifestyle?

It's a throwback to a simpler time where taking 10 to 20 minutes a day to "decompress" was the norm. We can still enjoy our modern conveniences that we've learned to live with, but in moderation. We say in moderation because that is the biggest challenge, shutting down all the outside distractions and focusing on just 'Smellin' the Roses'. The music is a very important ingredient in the mix because it compliments the overall 'DownTime' experience. Simple, memorable melodies on top of a Latin Feel and of course some Sensual Sax bubbling throughout the Jazz influenced 'Easy Listening Music'. Mr. Lounge updates the genre with hip grooves & loops to make it today's Lounge Music.

The hope is with some infotainment & direction, there can be a newfound or renewed appreciation for all things retro and with the help of some basic guidelines and some Modern Retro Cocktail Music to complete the experience, we'll find that 'Happy Place' where Retro Life and Modern Life can coexist.