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Videos with Joe Cocker (1984-1987):


Live @ Montreaux Jazz Festival '87 

"These are a couple of clips from the 1987 Montreux Jazz Festival DVD. This was one of my musical highlights while playing with Joe. Listening to many jazz greats throughout the years that had recorded 'live' albums at this venue made it a very special show for me."


Music Videos


"This was my 1st music video with Joe. If I could have only gotten over my shyness....  It was shot on an empty first floor of a building on Houston Street in Manhattan. The band in the video consisted of Joe's touring band at the time. Also in the video were the extra horns played by Bob Leinbach on trombone, the late Kevin Falvey on trumpet and Joe's manager at the time Michael Lang(of Woodstock fame) on flugelhorn. I remember talking to the director of the video(don't remember his name) and giving him the suggestion of the ending shot with the camera coming up from behind Joe. I guess he liked and used the idea and he rewarded me with a lot of face time. It was fun. I wish I could take credit for the fantastic tenor solo that I was lip syncing to. That was a player by the name of Joel Peskin out of N.Y. who played on the original album.   Powerful".



 "I was living in Los Angeles at the time of this video shoot. I think it took place in Rodondo Beach, CA. at a local bar that they closed for 24 hours. I just remember getting there before the sun rose and getting home as the sun rose the next day. I also remember countless takes and much waiting around. All time well spent because the video came out great. The best part of the day was spending time with Joe and Clarence Clemons(miss ya) on the set and in the trailer. Ah the 80's."