The Retro in the Holidays pt. 2 'Oh Christmas Tree' 

  So here we are a couple days away from another Christmas morning and we realize we made it through one more year..... all be it a very eventful 12 months… For this holiday season I’ve put together another Music Video that tries to capture the fun and reflection of years past.  What better way to relive some retro than to pull out the holiday staple from the late 50’s to mid 60’s? The symbol of over commercialization of Christmas played out in the classic holiday special, ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’.

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"Where's The Retro in the Holidays?" pt. 1 'Yule Log' 

There is no other time of the year that the Retro Vibe is so thick.  

It’s not hard to find Retro elements all around during the holiday season. Pulling out your Christmas tree ornaments & decorations that were handed down from past years(some, even generations). Also, the latest trend in party themes, The Tacky Sweater Party comes to mind. 

  In entertainment, there are so many Classic Black & White films and Classic audio recordings, that come out during the span between Thanksgiving and New

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Downtown Vegas 


If you’re trying to find a little bit of remaining Retro Cocktail feel in Vegas you must leave the Strip. Just down the road to Fremont Street in Downtown Vegas you will find a revival going on in terms of Las Vegas’s history. 

Downtown Las Vegas was the original gambling center prior to The Strip with the historic casinos: The Golden Nugget, Lady Luck, The Golden Gate, The Western, Las Vegas Club. The effort to revitalize the area started in 2006 with The Fremont Experience. The Fremont StreetRead more

Where's the Retro in Vegas? 

Another part of my trip to Vegas was to try to experience the 50’s & 60’s Retro Vibe that the city is known for.



Start of the Fire & Water show @ The Mirage with 
The Venetian in the background.

But one of the saddest aspects of Vegas is that the constant need to remodel and update the casinos and hotels to stay lucrative and competitive causes a void in their history as the mecca of everything Retro. The history of entertainment from this spot on Earth is so rich that to overlook it and take it for…

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Stand Out Cocktails in Vegas 


My best tasting Sapphire & Tonic had to be at The Vesper Bar @The Cosmopolitan Hotel. This trendy little lounge sits right on the 1st floor as you walk in the the complex. Our mixologist, Jamie used Fever-Tree tonic, Cold Draft ice, fresh lime, & an X-ACT glass. The obvious attention to detail regarding the final presentation was flawless.








Most scenic S&T was at the same hotel on the 3rd floor of The Chandelier Bar. The Cocktail was fine and the surrounding sparkle was…

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Search for the Perfect Sapphire & Tonic 


I did some research on the internet to try to find the ‘must try’ spots in Vegas. I searched, best cocktails, trendiest, Tiki, retro and newest on the strip and I came up with some beauties. The search for the perfect Sapphire & Tonic was on. 



1st we hit the lounges and bars closet to the Wynn(where we were staying). Most notable had to be the Surrender Nightclub at the Encore(next to the Wynn). The cocktail was fantastic but I’m not sure if that was the taste or the overall visual experience of…

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Vegas Trip '11 

So last week I go out to Vegas for 5 days, with some guys to get away from this insufferable New England weather. While I'm out there I decided I was going to do a search for the perfect Sapphire & Tonic(it's fun to have an agenda). As I'm heading out there I'm realizing that there probably are going to be many variables in the 'search'. But, we have a mission, this is good. By the way, this is my mission. Everyone else has their own experience in mind but all are up for the tastings around town with me.…

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