Ric's Press:





With Joe Cocker:


"..fiery solos.."     The Advertiser Newspaper    Adelaide, South Australia  10/28/86


"Cocker got a little help from a fabulous 6-man band featuring Ric Cunningham on sax. Cunningham's horn compliments Cockers style and phrasing."          New York Post    New York, NY.   11/27/87



With Bill Chinnock:

-Live At The Paradise-  by Bob Kempf

"Ric Cunningham took his first of many solos which stood out as pinnacles on many of the songs to come."  The Current  Boston, MA. 08/14/80





Ric's fellow musicians:


"Ric performs incredible magic with his saxophone. I always found it uncanny how easily he can adapt with fluidity to any kind of musical warp and improvise connective flows which seem to help me out so much. If a certain tune gets really complex; e.g. time and meter variations, I listen to him 'catch the flow' and NOT get lost in stultifying counting rudiments..."    Buddy Cage    Sound Waves Magazine 10/90

Buddy Cage, world-renown steel guitar player who played for the band, 'New Riders of The Purple Sage' when Jerry Garcia left .