"Dial L" Chapter 9 -- The Dog w/ the Clementine Eyes --

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"Dial 'L' for Lounge".

Chapter 9 --The Dog w/ the Clementine Eyes-- 


We found the groove straight away. My borrowed bass nearly played itself, and those hep cats and kittens lapped us up like a saucer of warm milk.  Add to that the bottomless Sapphire and tonics -- Ginger would pucker up and blow me a little angel kiss as she dropped off each round ... I was higher than a kite. 


When we broke after the first set, Ric went off to find Randy the hostess with the incomparable derriere. Harleigh had his eye on Sharon the coat check girl and I went back to the table to wait for pretty Ginger. 

We clicked,  just like that,  and the night was just beginning. 


Ginger  was nowhere to be seen. But the brindle pup with the orange eyes was sitting on my chair. 

There was a drink with a short straw in front of him. Serge Trouserin was  propped up in Harleigh's seat, his eyes were closed and his hands were folded across his chest. 


" You can leave -- but you can't take anything with you. " said the brindle dog sipping on his cocktail. 

" Ginger want's to go with you ... but that's the tricky bit ... not impossible ... but difficult. " 


How does he do that? I thought to myself.  The dog is a dummy and Trouserin was the best darn ventriloquist I'd ever seen.  The dog turned to me and enunciated clearly "My named is Choire, I'm not a dummy ... I'll just pretend you didn't think that ...  actually it's Trouserin who's the stiff. I'm the headliner in this dog and pony show." 


Choire cocked his head and stared straight through me with his giant orange eyes. He turned back to his drink and took a long slow sip draining the glass. 


       " You need to leave immediately following the last set, after that ... you're here ... and this, my friend is the gig that never ends.  And, make sure that you take nothing from this side with you." 


At that moment Ginger arrived with two drinks, one for the dog and one more for me. 


Dial 'L' for Lounge Chapter 9 The Dog w/ the Clementine Eyes