Here is my Physical Press Kit that I send out to prospective clients. 


Whether it's Record Labels, Radio Stations, Promoters, Club / Restaurant Owners or clients for private events, this is the handout that goes along with the CD, "Adventures in the Modern Lounge". 

I tried to recreate some of the elements from ads that I remember in comic books from the 60's. I just love those Retro touches...timeless chuckles.

The rip away coasters for cocktails and the included swizzle sticks set the mood for the Modern Retro Listening Experience as you play the CD.


I really didn't want to do the typical folder with pictures and sheets of info. I thought just the basics in clever packaging with a Web Site address would be good enough to get the job done, plus saving all that paper is green.

I'm doing my part.

So you tear off the two album cover coasters on the right side and then fold along the dotted line to create the pop up display. Make yourself a cocktail and stir it up with the included swizzle sticks. Then put on the CD, make yourself comfy and enjoy the ride!


If you would like me to send you an Official Physical Press Kit for your very own, Click on the 'Contact Me' button and send me your mailing address and I will send one out ASAP.